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Support the Heiltsuk Nation’s lawsuit to recover damages and to challenge the constitutionality of Canada’s oil spill liability regime. Donate to their legal challenge through RAVEN Trust here.

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A short history of ATBs in the Great Bear Rainforest with Ingmar Lee

TRANSCRIPT:   "What I'd like to see is American Petroleum tankers out of the BC Inside Passage. They shouldn't be here: they should go offshore where all the other tankers have to go. There's...

Have your say in the development of the Strait of Juan de Fuca & Puget Sound Area Vessel Traffic Safety Report 

The 2018 Strengthening Oil Spill Transportation Act requires the Department of Ecology to consult with the Puget Sound Partnership and the Washington Board of Pilotage Commissioners to develop a...

First Nations-Industry Partnership to support Oceans Protection

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To protect the ocean and coastal communities, US and Canada must tackle ‘rule-breaker’ oil barges

Op-Ed published in National Observer, By Fred Felleman, Stephanie Hillman, Ingmar Lee, Krista Roessingh, Ana Simeon & Caitlyn Vernon in Opinion | June 8th 2018 Photo by April Bencze, courtesy of...

Why One Coast?

Why One Coast? This is not a left or right issue. It is about our way of life. One Coast is working to develop resources to help our citizens protect the Pacific Coast on both sides of the border....
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